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Detect™ Covid-19 Starter Kit

Everything you need to run your first Detect™ test. Includes the Detect™ Covid-19 Test and a reusable Detect™ Hub.

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Detect™ Covid-19 Test

Already have a Detect™ Hub? Order a new Detect™ Covid-19 Test. For those who already have a Detect™ Hub.

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Detect™ Hub

Additional or replacement Detect™ Hub for your Detect™ Covid-19 Tests. The Detect™ Hub is reusable and required to complete the processing step for any Detect™ test.

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Why Detect

Clinically studied and validated

Shown to be on par with expensive PCR lab tests in FDA-reviewed clinical studies.



Across our clinical studies, our test is comparable to PCR tests.



We correctly identified positive samples 90.9% of the time in clinical studies.



We correctly identified negative samples 100% of the time in clinical studies.

<1 copy/µL

Limit of Detection

Our Limit of Detection is 313 copies/swab (<1 copy/µL) in analytical studies, which is on par with widely used PCR lab tests.

A clinical study was conducted across two sites, with testing performed by untrained operators. The study enrolled symptomatic subjects and subjects with recent Covid-19 exposure, each of whom self-collected two nasal swab samples (adults) or had two nasal swab samples collected by an adult caregiver (children under 14). For each subject, one swab was collected and sent to a reference laboratory and tested using a high sensitivity FDA-authorized SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test by trained laboratory personnel as a comparator, while the other swab was tested using the Detect Covid-19 Test by the untrained subject or caregiver at the clinical site. Comparing the Detect Covid-19 Test’s results to those produced by the high sensitivity FDA-authorized SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test, the Positive Percent Agreement (PPA) was 90.9% (30/33) and the Negative Percent Agreement (NPA) was 100% (79/79) with expert interpretation.

How it works

Why a molecular test?

Detect follows in the footsteps of gold-standard PCR lab tests, which are molecular tests. Unlike antigen tests, molecular tests look for the RNA (the genetic material) of the virus. These types of tests work by “amplifying” (producing multiple copies of) even small amounts of viral genetic material, making it much easier to accurately detect the virus at tail-end stages of infection and at early stages, even before you become infectious or develop symptoms.

Graphic showing how Detect compares

The future of testing is in the home

Detect is developing home test products for a range of other diseases, from STIs to Strep Throat. Join us to invent the future of diagnostics.

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