Requires a Detect Covid-19 Test™ and a reusable Detect Hub™

Detect Verified™


Get a voucher code for a video observation session to certify your Detect test results for travel or any other needs such as entry into venues, meetings, schools, and summer camps.  Code(s) are sent to your email immediately after purchase. Detect Covid-19 Test™ and Detect Hub™ (sold separately) are required for use during the session.

Take a test with comfort and convenience - sessions can be done whenever and wherever you need.

  • One session (one person per session) per voucher.
  • Appointments available 24/7 with our telehealth partner.
  • Start the test during the 15-minute video observation session and obtain the certified result upon completion of the test.
  • Check specific requirements for your travel or other needs (accepted if a molecular/NAAT/LAMP-PCR test is eligible).

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      Why Detect

      Clinically studied and validated

      Shown to be on par with expensive PCR lab tests in FDA-reviewed clinical studies.



      Across our clinical studies, our test is comparable to PCR tests.



      We correctly identified positive samples 90.9% of the time in clinical studies.



      We correctly identified negative samples 100% of the time in clinical studies.

      <1 copy/µL

      Limit of Detection

      Our Limit of Detection is 313 copies/swab (<1 copy/µL) in analytical studies, which is on par with widely used PCR lab tests.

      A clinical study was conducted across two sites, with testing performed by untrained operators. The study enrolled symptomatic subjects and subjects with recent Covid-19 exposure, each of whom self-collected two nasal swab samples (adults) or had two nasal swab samples collected by an adult caregiver (children under 14). For each subject, one swab was collected and sent to a reference laboratory and tested using a high sensitivity FDA-authorized SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test by trained laboratory personnel as a comparator, while the other swab was tested using the Detect Covid-19 Test™ by the untrained subject or caregiver at the clinical site. Comparing the Detect Covid-19 Test™’s results to those produced by the high sensitivity FDA-authorized SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test, the Positive Percent Agreement (PPA) was 90.9% (30/33) and the Negative Percent Agreement (NPA) was 100% (79/79) with expert interpretation.

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