diagnostics at
the point of need

Combining the accuracy of lab testing with speed, convenience, and ease of use.


Receive lab quality results with our molecular tests.


Get to care and treatment faster with results in minutes.


Manage costs and space with our budget-friendly testing system.


Test easily with just 3 steps from sample to results.

Care at the Point of Need

We are focusing on providing solutions for Sexual Health and Family Health.

Sexual Health

Family Health

*Currently under development. Not cleared or approved by FDA.

The Science

Our molecular platform provides multiplex testing from a single sample at low cost, leveraging a simple workflow without sample handling and delivers PCR-quality results in minutes. Our platform’s quality and accuracy are enabled by our unique inventions applied across all steps of the testing process.

Custom Enzymes and Dyes

Detect’s custom enzymes and dyes allow for minimal sample preparation steps and rapid real-time results, enabling tests that save costs and time.

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Molecular Accuracy

Our molecular tests use isothermal amplification, a technology that provides PCR-quality results without complicated workflows, high costs, and extended turnaround times.

AI-Driven Primer Design

Detect’s machine learning-based platform facilitates efficient development of new test products while allowing for rapid adaptation for emerging variants and pathogens.

We build tools that empower people to make informed decisions about health at the point of need — at the doctor’s office or at home.

After developing a rapid, at-home, molecular test for Covid-19 in response to the pandemic, we are now focused on our second-generation diagnostic platform and tests for common infections.

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The Detect Team

We are a team of 60+ scientists, engineers, and designers passionate about making accurate diagnostic testing accessible to people where and when they need it.

Our “Detectives” work remotely or in our offices located in Guilford, CT; Redwood City, CA; and New York City.
Detect is a 4Catalyzer company.
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