Dr. Michael Mina joins Detect as Medical Advisor.

Pending FDA Emergency Use Authorization

A new molecular test for Covid‑19

We’re developing a fast, accurate, and affordable molecular Covid-19 test to give everyone access to PCR lab-accuracy whenever and wherever they need it. We’re reimagining the future of diagnostic testing, for good.

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The Detect Covid‑19 Test


Creating the best consumer testing experience means ensuring Detect meets the bar for PCR-level lab accuracy, with clinically validated results.


Typical lab-based PCR tests require at least 24 hours—and sometimes several days—to receive results. We’re working on a test that requires no lab work, with results available in 1 hour.


Our test is designed to be comfortable and easy to use—from swabbing your nostril to getting your result—wherever and whenever you want to take a test. There’s nothing to mail, and no waiting days to receive results.


With our proprietary chemistry built into the Detect Cap, we’re building our platform to be both robust to the development of new SARS-CoV-2 variants and easy to adapt to new pathogens in the future.


We plan to deliver millions of tests by Q2 2021, and tens of millions per month later in 2021.

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Molecular testing

Why a molecular test?

Molecular tests—like Detect and PCR lab tests—look for virus RNA (the genetic material). They are able to identify even small amounts of the virus because of a process known as “amplification,” which replicates snippets of RNA to make them much easier to find. This process helps detect the virus days before symptoms occur, and at the tail-end of infection. Antigen tests only look for proteins on the outside of the virus and don’t use amplification, so they have a higher risk of missing infection at those stages.

Detect COVID-19

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Pending FDA Emergency Use Authorization


Detect earlier and longer.

Molecular tests—like Detect and PCR lab tests—look for the RNA (the genetic code) of the virus itself. These tests are the standard for accuracy and may detect infections in people before they have symptoms. They can also be easily reconfigured to detect new strains of the virus as it mutates.


Detect for all.

Detect combines a nucleic acid test with lateral flow hardware that can be manufactured at scale. We're building a platform anyone can use to test for any pathogen on a regular basis, starting with Covid-19.


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