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LAMP is a powerful isothermal alternative to PCR. After proving its mettle in diagnostic products during the Covid pandemic—including the Detect Covid-19 Test—LAMP is finding use in a wide range of research, diagnostic, and agricultural applications.

Historically, LAMP has had some key drawbacks. Now, Detect has invented a LAMP-based technology that solves these challenges, enabling rapid and specific identification of target organisms with a simple workflow and customizable reagents.

We’re opening our platform and tools to the community, from full kits to customizable reagents, to automated primer design software. We solved LAMP, so you don’t have to.

Detect RapidAmp
Amplification Kits

Integrated Kits

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Detect RapidAmp Kit

-> Amplification in 5 - 10 minutes with high specificity and sensitivity

-> Utilizes Detect’s custom polymerase and reagents

-> Industry-leading inhibitor tolerance
-> Primers designed through machine learning algorithms and Detect’s proprietary primer database
-> Available with intercalating dye or sequence-specific probes

-> Runs on thermocyclers and digital PCR instruments

Kickstart your assay development with Detect’s Isothermal Amplification Kits

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Detect Reagents

Reagents tailored for your unique applications. Available in customizable formulations, including glycerol-free and lyophilized formats.


Detect Bst Polymerase 1.0

-> Faster time-to-results compared to industry leading Bst polymerases
->Robust tolerance to temperature, salts, pH, and intercalating dyes
-> Intrinsic reverse transcriptase activity
-> dUTP tolerant

Detect RT

-> Novel expression and purification methodology to ensure exceptional quality
->Optimized for peak performance with Detect Bst 1.0
->Available either glycerol or glycerol-free


DF Royale

-> 50 nm Stokes shift with λabs= 448 nm and λem= 498 nm
->Only dye available in both aqueous or shelf-stable lyophilized formats
->100% water soluble
->High SNR in nucleic acid amplification (LAMP, PCR) and gel-staining applications
->Safer alternative to ethidium bromide



->Monodisperse and >95% purity; consistent lot to lot performance
->Useful for cell lysis applications
-> Can be used in formulations to improve aqueous solubility
-> Improves on-device fluidics at 0.005% v/v aqueous solution
-> Aqueous stable surfactant


-> Monodisperse and >95% purity. Consistent lot to lot performance
->Compatible with RNA based LAMP at 0.015%-0.0075% v/v
->CMC: (H O) ~ 0.3%
->Aqueous stable surfactant
->Essential component of Detect's proprietary Lamplighter buffer

Customize your LAMP reaction with Detect Reagents

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Detect Primer Design

Use the world’s best primer design software to design and optimize primers according to your precise targets of interest. Give us the target, we’ll do the rest.